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A lot of people ask me the best way to find good nightlife events in New York City. I think the biggest tip that I could give is to seek out the city’s party promoters and get on to their lists.

I can fathom that some might not be aware that “party promoter” is a career choice. I don’t remember anyone at school saying they wanted to be a party promoter when they grew up. Party promoters are folks with a serious dedication to good times, and some of them actually make a living by organizing events, but I think most of them are just people who like the satisfaction of throwing a good party. They are a type of people who are harnessing new media with increasing efficiency, and that new media is the best way to hook up with them.

The city’s many promoters will send a deluge of information about their parties your way, on your medium of choice. They are hungry to make your Facebook acquaintance and to add your email to their lists of party-goers. Joining their Facebook group will ensure that every so often you’ll get invited to an event that they are pushing. The bigger promoters send out weekly mailings to their email lists with a series of parties that they are working. Some promoters, like Gemini and Scorpio actually curate lists of events that they think you might be interested in, but that they themselves have no hand in producing. You can also find event listings groups, like Brooklyn Based, who like to get in on the action and throw their own parties.

The easiest way to your friendly neighborhood party promoter is to start tracking down fliers from parties that you have been to or that you would like to go to. Search around through the detritus of glitter and party trash and you’ll usually find a few fliers lying around. These will likely include a helpful credit detailing who the event was “Presented by”.

Look for events online at places like Resident Advisor, Rhythmism, and The person dutifully putting these events onto these websites is most likely the party promoter, and they’ll put their name into the description somewhere. In Facebook events it may be a little trickier to find, but if there’s a promoter involved you’ll likely find the information somewhere in the invitation.

This isn’t to say that the only way you’ll find good, solid nightclub action is through promoters. DJs and clubs put on a lot of parties without the help of promoters, and they may operate lists and invites in similar fashions. They can be a little trickier to track down, but basically the key to finding good parties is by finding the folks who put them together and getting on their lists. Soon you’ll be the one that your friends come to for advice on the week’s party options.

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