May 2010: The Identity Issue

Vol. 1, May 2010: Identity

The Identity Issue

Our First Born!

Letter from the Editor

Can you remember the last time you sat down and read an entire magazine cover-to-cover? I sure can’t! In fact, I don’t believe I’ve ever accomplished the feat. I was born into a generation where by the time I was mature enough to want to pick up a novel, picture-books had been successfully adapted to screen-reading on the Internet.

Despite my relatively old 28-years, by the time I entered middle-school in 1993, I had already owned a computer and was anxiously perusing the chatrooms on AOL. In the 17 years since I first logged onto this Internet, I, like you have experienced a gradual shift in pop culture where the newspaper has been replaced by “iReporting”, and where appreciation for good information has been usurped by the need for immediacy and the fluff-filled blogosphere.

The question is, “where did our appreciation for good information go?” Hopefully, through time, the Hoopla Hoop can contribute to the answer for that question.

Our May Issue is our first and it represents a lot of the aspirations for what we hope to achieve as a web publication. While we may support that need for immediacy through our regular columns, our monthly issues and features aim to craft more detailed, emotionally-tinged experiences for you, our reader. This first issue is a test to see just what we can achieve when we focus our passion on covering worthwhile subjects. Please bear with us as we fine tune our perspectives, and, welcome to the Hoopla Hoop! I promise you’ll be able to read our issues front-to-back and be infotained in the process ; )

Jeff M. Lagasca

Feature Stories

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