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For the past three Wednesday nights, Canadian dance-punk band Hot Hot Heat has gathered Brooklyn scenesters to Williamsburg’s Public Assembly to preview of their highly anticipated new album “Future Breeds” on Dangerbird Records. The new album also welcomes the band’s newest addition, bassist Louis Hearn and the residency and new album both remind us why we loved HHH back in 2002!

The band chose to make a temporary home front in Brooklyn because they feel the new album captures the energy of the borough’s nightlife and ties to Brooklyn’s thriving indie music scene. Public Assembly’s relatively modest size definitely makes these performances a little more personal for them and their fans.

So far, the songs have shown much growth and creativity: there are more loops and bends, twist and turns, and at times, just plain weirdness but it all works, and may be some of their best work to date. I suggest listening to “Goddess On the Prairie,” a lovely romance ballad and the quirky title track “Future Breeds,” which offers a slightly off-beat tempo and addictive chorus. Much like their past releases, “Future Breeds” is sure to have a treat for all ears and all levels of fans.

I caught their second show (of four) and was really impressed. They managed to keep the on stage spunk they had nearly a decade ago, and made me feel like my 22 year-old self again. My nostalgic reaction climaxed when they threw their past chart toppers “Bandages” and “Goodnight, Goodnight” into the evening’s performance! Singer Steve Bays was full of witty banter between songs, telling us about their stay in Brooklyn and how much he and the band have enjoyed being here. He shared anecdotes about taking long bike rides, having rooftop BBQ’s and drinking shots of tequila. Currently they are living in a rented loft in Bushwick — which bands Beirut and White Rabbits have once called home. Before performing their older hit “Middle of Nowhere” they joked that the song was about living in Bushwick. In the end they expressed the amazing time they are having and how much they love it here, and thanked the crowed for making their time here extra special.

You have one more chance to see the Hot Hot Heat during their residency, catch their last show with me this coming Wednesday, May 26th! Brooklyn has intoxicated them as much as it intoxicated me when I first moved here, and there’s no doubt they’ll be back. Be sure to pick up the new album “Future Breeds” in stores June 8th, featuring the current single “21@12”.

  • Band: Hot Hot Heat (official) // Myspace, Facebook, Label
  • Genre: Indie Pop/Rock, Dance Punk
  • Sounds Like: Fastball taking shots of whiskey with The Kaiser Chiefs
  • Best Song To Sing Along To: “Talk To Me, Dance With Me”
  • Description: Canadian Band who’s music is a mix of melancholy ballads, dance beats and synth crescendos
  • Where I Saw Them: Public Assembly (while serving a residency this month)
  • Where You Can See Them: Public Assembly until May 26th tickets
  • Interesting Side Notes: Hot Hot Heat was an experimental band that was categorized as “Synth Punk” before singer/songwriter Steve Bays joined the band. They were once signed to Sub Pop Records.

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