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This past weekend I attended one of my favorite NYC shopping events, but I guess you can’t really call it shopping since no money was exchanged for purchases. Let me explain:

SCORE! Pop-Up Swap is a recurring swap meet where everyone is invited to bring items they no longer want and in turn can take whatever treasures they find. For only a small entrance fee of $3-$5, you can take as much as you can carry, a great deal for the financially challenged, like myself. The array of people donating added to the range of departments offered, resulting in a multitude of amazing items up for grab. Though I was mainly interested in their clothing and shoe sections, SCORE! also includes books, music, electronics, arts & crafts and housewares.

My second SCORE!, the event getting bigger and better. This one was held at BKLYN Yard, an open garden on the Gowanus Canal, and it was the perfect venue for the swap on a beautiful sunny day. Complete with a DJ, bar and delicious, cheap eats, this swap was one of the best times I had shopping.

It you plan on going in the future – sign up for SCORE!’s mailing list for details – I recommend getting there early as it is less crowded, meaning fewer people you have to race to snatch those great, one-of-a-kind finds! Another tip: volunteer to work at the swap as you get to sort through the donations and snag the best stuff first. Later in the day, as it got hotter and the bustle of the masses got more frenzied, I was less eager to run around trying to find the best unwanted treasures. Luckily, by then, I had already snatched some pretty great pieces, including an 80s floral top, a Frisbee, a brown tweed jacket, and two pairs of gorgeous shoes; A successful day and all for a good cause, as all proceeds and leftover donations were given to charity!

Check out some pictures I took during the day, including my friends in their new outfits from the swap in the gallery above!

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