Imagine That, a Science Festival!

Science Works!

Science enthuiasts, get ready, the 2010 Imagine Science Film Festival, is coming back to NYC, opening on October 15th, tempting peoples’ imaginations while accurately portraying the foundation of science in new films.

Science and film go hand-in-hand, having created some of the most engaging viewing experiences of the last half-century. The on-screen realization that something improbable has the potential to exist, such as genetically generated dinosaurs roaming around an island or bioluminescent animals not on a far-away planet but Earth itself is what makes going to the movies an experience that validates our wildest imaginations. Further, the idea that those on-screen imaginations are based in real science titillates our sense of potentiality that these wild scenes might actually happen IRL!

The Festival offers a whole new slew of films and it is now accepting new films submissions for this year’s event. Last year’s winners included “Magnetic Movie” a film about “The secret lives of invisible magnetic fields are revealed as chaotic ever-changing geometries.” There was even a movie about clones in “The Clone Goes Home,” a Japanese film about a deceased scientist who is cloned resulting in interesting ramifications.

The festival provided a sneak peek of the films it hopes to present this fall, with the a preview of founder Alexis Gambis’ film “Disposable” on June 5th at the Brooklyn International Film Festival. About love in an alternate reality between a woman and a robot, the film questions what exactly constitutes that emotion and explores whether or not a robot can satisfy one’s emotional needs.

All of the films touch upon the ethical, quirky, scientific and social dilemmas about science and possible breakthroughs in the future. This year’s festival shouldn’t be any different and if you buy your tickets early enough, you can avoid paying cinema prices.

So, grab your friends – or Guild members – and head over to the festival. It starts October 15th and runs through the 22nd. In the meantime, reread all your Asimov books or just spend your nights staring up at the sky.

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