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Pouring on the pounds

Foodnotes and Anecdotes

It is no secret that we are experiencing an epidemic of obesity and obesity-related diseases such as diabetes and heart disease. A major contributor is the large amount of calories we are consuming in the form of sugar-sweetened beverages such as soda, fruit drinks, energy drinks, and even those enhanced water products with healthy claims. The typical 20 ounce cola drink contains 250 calories of simple carbohydrates. Read On

FEATURE: Visual Identification, June 2010

A Photo Curation

When we put out our call for photography for this month’s Bicycle issue, we described the bicycle as a symbol of New Urbanism. It is a part of a self-reliant culture that insists on independence and functionality, one that embraces a city and its often inaccessible ends. The bicycle has been a means for us in New York City to save a precious near-$100 every month in an increasingly unreliant (yet, still, one of the world’s finest) Metro system. It allows us passage between neighborhoods unlinked by train or bus. It unifies places as we rush through, block by block, and witness the changing character of what is around us. Read More

Our Dear Specter

Inner City

When, in the late 1880s, a plea scrawled on a note was plucked from a bobbing bottle in Wallabout Bay, the good men of the police force shook their heads. It was not the content that was mystifying: our dear specter Annie Walker wrote desperately that she had been taken and brought against her will onto a ship where she was treated, as a modest woman might say, “unkindly,” and that she needed so badly to be saved and brought home. This was an unfortunate symptom of the time, when the wild coast was seething with fear and anger, unmarked ships abounded on their journeys, and where one might alight with a horse-headed serpent in the seas whose waves we have now all but choreographed.

Justifying Cupcakes

Foodnotes & Anecdotes

A trend food I’ve bought into in a major way is the cupcake. At least they are somewhat portion controlled… But, oh who am I kidding? Refined sugar and carbohydrates topped with more refined sugar and saturated fat is not exactly a nutritious treat. But I have a massive sweet tooth and it is definitely true in my case that denying yourself treats only leads to binges later on, so I treat myself. My inner nutritionist answer is to take everything in moderation!