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When I first arrived in New York City, one of the first thoughts through my head while walking around wide-eyed, was “Why don’t I have my #@$%$% camera on me?!”

In New York City, there was so much happening at every turn; from the people to the buildings, everything with a story to tell. Every moment was waiting to be captured in a single frame. I have since learned my lesson, and have tried to keep my camera on me as often as I can.

As to how I came to New York, that’s a story unto itself. I ended up coming to New York on a whim. After a decade-long career as a television photojournalist, I wanted to try my hand at the world of filmmaking. Knowing that I had no interest in going to L.A., it was a no-brainer to head to New York. I didn’t have high expectations; I thought that I would work on a couple student films, run out of money and head on back to Vermont where I grew up. Well, I was very wrong. I quickly learned showing a decent work ethic and being open to meeting new people could take you far in this city. New York ended up embracing me and I have found myself the perfect place to grow as a filmmaker and a photographer.

New York inspires me, seeming to present itself to me in a different way every day. All I can do as a photographer is to try to do it justice, one frame at a time. That is why I am here. I want to share my private side of New York with all of you, showing you the city I call home, through my eyes.