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I feel a little like Toucan Sam from the Froot Loops box, following my nose through life to the smell of *sniff sniff* food. In my travels all over the world, it has always been the most important thing for me to experience a culture by tasting it. Watching the Travel Channel’s Andrew Zimmern, from “Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern,” eat bulls’ balls only makes me want to go to Chile and try them. Sharing food also connects people like nothing else can—I mean, everyone has got to eat. Food, while not always a passion but always a backdrop, even led me to New York City.

Before moving to NYC, I was working in a health food store in the Rocky Mountains where I was introduced to the notion that food can be the best medicine. I learned more about nutrition and applied it to my own diet and cooking, wanting a way to spread the message of good nutrition. I decided to pursue nutrition as a career and I am now studying public health and nutrition at Hunter College.

Having a healthy diet can be difficult in this on-the-go city, especially when the easiest thing to do is grab a slice of pizza and a Coke. In this column, I will explore sustainable foods, the food environment of NYC, access to healthy and fresh foods and invite you into my kitchen as we explore this town.