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As an only child in the San Franciscan outskirts, I let my imagination run wild and free. Dealing with the natural loneliness as an only child, I found my artistic potential and passion through a Polaroid camera. The early union of photography and my innate sensitivity to humanism, hues and romanticism created a motivation that drove me, years later, to the process of black and white 35 mm prints while attending Diablo College.

For the past seven years, I have processed 35 mm silver prints, picking up digital photography after transferring to New York University and majoring in Film Production. While attending NYU, I developed my photography skills even further as an on-set photographer for various student films. As the official photographer for the Producer’s Guild of America East, along with 2008 and 2009’s CMJ Film Festival, I have branched out my talents.

My photographs are shot with natural light, giving permission for the available light source to paint the frame. In doing so, it allows me to create a deep saturation of colors, often yielding the photographs a monochromatic tone. I seek out the innate ability to capture the simplicity of life and time by augmenting the beauty in the minutiae of overlooked details.