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I have always loved playing around with fashion. When I was seven, I was mixing tie-dyed tees with neon pants and have continued to experiment with clothes, trying all different types of styles. They range from Boho to retro to edgy; the possibilities of creating different looks and images are endless!

I don’t just draw inspiration from the runways but also from music, art, movies, and history. Another big influence comes from my experiences growing up all over Southeast Asia and my travels from all around the world. I have really enjoyed seeing all the various ways other cultures mix and match their clothes. I love Tokyo’s courageously playful Harajuku girls and the classic, yet incredibly chic, look of the Parisian streets.

Moving to New York City about nine months ago, I was overjoyed to discover that it is not only a melting pot of culture but of fashion as well. The diversity of this city is extremely exciting; the varieties of looks you can see on just one block are so vast! I feel that New Yorkers get inspired by one another as well as the assortment of styles found here. I think it’s impossible not to! That is definitely one thing that has made me fall in love with my new home.

Fashion is such an expressive tool. I love how more people these days are taking bigger risks and are not scared to reveal themselves through what they wear. Fashion is something I will always be passionate about and it is now evolving faster then ever. There are different styles and new designers emerging all the time, I still continue to get so excited and inspired by such a simple thing as clothes! My favorite designer, the late fashion designer Alexander McQueen, put it so well: “It’s a new era in fashion – there are no rules. It’s all about the individual and personal style, wearing high-end, low-end, classic labels and up-and-coming designers all together.”

I came to NYC for the same reason as most people do: to follow their dreams. I apologize for the cliche but I couldn’t find a better way to put it! After getting my degree in Fashion Marketing, it seemed natural to come to one of the most exciting fashion capitals of the world with its abundance of opportunities. Over the past nine months I have jumped in feet first and have gained a wealth of experience and knowledge. Within this column, I aspire to continue exploring and discovering the ever-changing and evolving aspects of this industry in NYC, including emerging designers and brands, exciting collaborations, great places to shop, and new trends or must-have items of the season. Everyday I want to learn more about what’s going on in fashion right now, and I hope you enjoy reading what I find!