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Summertime, Get me to Sleep

The New York City Reason To Be

Have you looked down your street to see the wavy lines coming up from the pavement, making two blocks down seem like a mirage? Have you stood on the lower platform at West 4th Street? Have you seen Do The Right Thing? I know the South has legitimate, thick humidity and the desert of course actually gets hotter than it does here. I would wager however, that there is a type of heat and level of summer discomfort specifically unique to New York.

Midtown. It’s Movement.

The New York City Reason To Be

We are New Yorkers because we walk. I don’t drive. I have been full of good intentions to get my driver’s license since I was sixteen, but only managed to let my learner permit slowly expire along with said good intentions. It will happen one day because I know that having a car and being able to drive is useful in some universe somewhere. However in New York, you don’t need to drive because we walk.

Hoopla Hooper: Angela Workoff

The New York City Reason To Be

I woke up in this morning in New York City and it wasn’t paradise. There were no palm trees outside and the weather had not completely pulled itself out of the winter slump, having dipped down into the 40s the night before. I woke up to drag my feet down to the subway stairs, down the platform, squeezed into the first train, transfer, squeezed into the second train, wait, wait, transfer, shift bag, stayed away from that guy with the cough, let them in, let them off, spaced out, woke up, got out and went to work. I know I wasn’t alone either.