June 2010 Issue: Cycling NYC

Issue Cover

Welcome to our second volume, Hoopla Hoop’s June issue focusing on Cycling in New York City! This month we’re covering what it means to be an active (Bi)Cyclist, how it empowers us as New Yorkers, how it can alienate and how it can connect us together. We have articles covering Unicycling in the city, Bike Polo, planning bike trips with friends and even a photo curation! Keep checking back as the articles are rolled out, and for now enjoy this cover and the “Letter from the Editor”.

Go Loco for Agua de Coco

Foodnotes and Anecdotes

I found my salvation in a coconut! Coconut water to be exact, the liquid from young coconuts (not to be confused with coconut milk which is expressed from the flesh of mature coconuts) is one of the world’s most nutritious beverages. With the perfect balance of electrolytes and carbohydrates to replenish fluids lost during exercise, coconut water makes an excellent replacement for artificially flavored sports drinks, like Gatorade, and can be easily found at your corner Bodega!

Revisiting Sunnyside

Our NYC Roots

I was a Sunnysider for 14 months, my first year in the city. For a Northern Californian, Queens was an alien landscape where just about everything is organized differently: better public transportation, transparent but approachable personalities and a true melting pot society where you can literally hear six different languages crossing the street (and not be in a tourist spot). Though I enjoyed Sunnyside, my eventual exposure to Brooklyn called me away and I soon left to re-engage my youth and a growing sense of superficiality. While I’d stepped foot back in the neighborhood a handful of times since moving, after two-years away I went back to Sunnyside from my home in Bushwick to see how the neighborhood had changed.

Inner City-The Illuminated Grimoire of Newtown Road

Inner City

I joked about it. I called it Queens Times Square. Every time I told a new friend where I was living there was a predictable moment of hesitation and a laugh. I had found myself a nice little apartment right near 42nd and Broadway, thankfully free of the harsh light and the awful crowd of its eponymous twin.

SCORE! Pop-Up Swap

Fashion Evolutionist

SCORE! Pop-Up Swap is a recurring swap meet where everyone is invited to bring items they no longer want and in turn can take whatever treasures they find. For only a small entrance fee of $3-$5, you can take as much as you can carry, a great deal for the financially challenged, like myself. The array of people donating added to the range of departments offered, resulting in a multitude of amazing items up for grab. Though I was mainly interested in their clothing and shoe sections, SCORE! also includes books, music, electronics, arts & crafts and housewares.

This Beat Is Mine Interviews Steve ShakeWell

This Beat is Mine

Steve ShakeWell is a longstanding fixture of NYC’s disco DJ scene. Steve has held numerous residencies as well as putting on the long-standing Main Ingredients party with Ben Manzone aka Benguin. His current party is Sharegroove, with DJ Duckcomb. Sharegroove, mostly based in Brooklyn through its history, is now a regular party at the Douglass Lofts in Brooklyn. A high school teacher by day, ShakeWell brings an encyclopedic knowledge of disco and boogie, but also a love for everything from deep house to afrobeat, and a sixth sense of what song will set the dancefloor on fire.

Project Parlor

Food Looped In

Project Parlor carries absinthe, homemade hibiscus punch, simple syrup and ginger beer; cans of Pabst are $2 which are “good for for the everyman” with free bar peanuts all night long. A brightly chalked A-frame outside drew me in shortly after the spot had opened back in October 2009. Florence’s number one priority is to offer a broad range of potent potables to accommodate an eclectic clientele.

Star-gazing with the Webb Telescope

Science Works!

The New York City skies makes gazing at the starry night a near impossible challenge. Light pollution, cloudy skies, anything can ruin a good night for you. I noticed how difficult it was when I tried to watch the moon on World Moon Bounce Day and failed to get a clear view of the moon. Convinced my apartment wasn’t providing an ideal moongazing spot, I even strolled outside and soon realized that cloud cover had ruined my night.

Tweed Cycling Fashion

Fashion in Airports

Last Sunday marked the first official Big Apple Tweed — New York City’s inaugural tweed bicycle ride. Cyclists from as far as Harlem and Washington DC came together dressed in their tweed-inspired Sunday best. We met in Grand Army Plaza before embarking on our tour of Park Slope and Fort Greene. The ride culminated with a free buffet brunch at the lovely French-Moroccan bistro Kif.

Pucker Up to Pickles

Foodnotes and Anecdotes

Unlike commercially-produced pickles-in-a-jar, New York-style Kosher pickles are made by curing fresh cucumbers in brine and spices such as peppercorns, dill and mustard seed (mine were especially garlicky).