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Hot Hot Heat: Canadian Residence in the ‘Burg

Music Happenings

For the past three Wednesday nights, Canadian dance-punk band Hot Hot Heat has gathered Brooklyn scenesters to Williamsburg’s Public Assembly to preview of their highly anticipated new album “Future Breeds” on Dangerbird Records. The new album also welcomes the band’s newest addition, bassist Louis Hearn and the residency and album re-aquaint and remind us why we loved them back in 2002!

Hoopla Hooper: Melissa Andrada

Fashion in Airports

“The creative person looks for history in a hardware store and fashion in an airport.” -Robert Wieder Whether I’m at JFK or in SoHo, I seek fashion that challenges and inspires me. From the low to the high, I am interested in fashion that tells an interesting story about the City. Whether it’s a vintage fur mink from a clothing swap, a pair of sneakers from a skate shop, or the shape of someone’s eye brows, what’s important is the sensibility and statement that the object or person expresses.

Hoopla Hooper: Angela Workoff

The New York City Reason To Be

I woke up in this morning in New York City and it wasn’t paradise. There were no palm trees outside and the weather had not completely pulled itself out of the winter slump, having dipped down into the 40s the night before. I woke up to drag my feet down to the subway stairs, down the platform, squeezed into the first train, transfer, squeezed into the second train, wait, wait, transfer, shift bag, stayed away from that guy with the cough, let them in, let them off, spaced out, woke up, got out and went to work. I know I wasn’t alone either.