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FEATURE: Visual Identification

A Photo Curation

A first curation. Photo Editor Lemia Monet Bodden and Senior Editor Jon Michael Anzalone share a selection of photographs that outline their work and identities as photographers.

Hoopla Hooper: Yawen Chen

Photo Life

New York City is a breeding ground for inspiring moments, with its ever-changing landscapes, establishments and inhabitants. Every day in the city, I strive to capture and document these moments, whether it’s through a photo, a Tweet, or a conversation. Here, on my third year as a Brooklyn resident from California, I offer you my visual perspective.

Hoopla Hooper: Jake Alper

Concert Photographer

I’m not a writer so I’m not even going to try. What do I do, if I’m not a writer? I’m the techmonkey that keeps the servers running and the email flowing. I’m also a photographer, specializing in live music photography, typically using natural light and no flash. It can be a lot harder to get clear shots that way, but the end result is almost always so much more interesting, as well as being much less intrusive to the artists! Here are some examples of my work (in the gallery, top right), mostly shot around New York City throughout the past year, plus a couple from Boston where I’m originally from.

Hoopla Hooper: Lemia Bodden


As an only child in the San Franciscan outskirts, I let my imagination run wild and free. Dealing with the natural loneliness as an only child, I found my artistic potential and passion through a Polaroid camera. The early union of photography and my innate sensitivity to humanism, hues and romanticism created a motivation that drove me, years later, to the process of black and white 35 mm prints while attending Diablo College.

Hoopla Hooper: Chris Heikel

Picture This

When I first arrived in New York City, one of the first thoughts through my head while walking around wide-eyed, was “Why don’t I have my #@$%$% camera on me?!” In New York City, there was so much happening at every turn; from the people to the buildings, everything with a story to tell. Every moment was waiting to be captured in a single frame. I have since learned my lesson, and have tried to keep my camera on me as often as I can.