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This Beat Is Mine Interviews Steve ShakeWell

This Beat is Mine

Steve ShakeWell is a longstanding fixture of NYC’s disco DJ scene. Steve has held numerous residencies as well as putting on the long-standing Main Ingredients party with Ben Manzone aka Benguin. His current party is Sharegroove, with DJ Duckcomb. Sharegroove, mostly based in Brooklyn through its history, is now a regular party at the Douglass Lofts in Brooklyn. A high school teacher by day, ShakeWell brings an encyclopedic knowledge of disco and boogie, but also a love for everything from deep house to afrobeat, and a sixth sense of what song will set the dancefloor on fire.

Party Basics – Knowing Your Promoters

This Beat is Mine

A lot of people ask me the best way to find good nightlife events in New York City. I think the biggest tip that I could give is to seek out the city’s party promoters and get on to their lists.

Hoopla Hooper: Brian Pennington

This Beat is Mine

The history of New York City’s nightlife stretches back to the origins of most modern forms of music, including dance music. New York is a melting pot of cultures that has given birth to countless genres and subgenres of dance music. Its 2010 incarnation is just as varied and influential as ever. Even though America does not pride itself on all-night dance parties as the rest of the world, New York’s club culture centers squarely in the center of American nightlife.